Meet the Kruger Family Industries Staff: Matt Montgomery

Meet the Kruger Family Industries Staff: Matt Montgomery

MAY 29, 2024

What is your role and how long have you worked at KFI?

I started with the company in January 2016.  My current role is Operations Manager at Kruger Family Industries.  In operations, we constantly drive for improvement in safety, quality, and productivity.  Our productivity goals include improving OEE, reducing scrap, and eliminating unplanned downtime on the extruders and formers.

What sparked your interest in joining the manufacturing industry?

During my college years, I had the opportunity to participate in an engineering co-op program with a large chemical company. This set my course for a career in manufacturing. Upon graduation from engineering school, I took my first role with a paper and plastics converting company.

What’s your favorite thing about working at KFI?

KFI has a very strong team. That’s my favorite thing- working with a very talented group of co-workers.

Do you have a project that you’ve recently worked on that you feel proud of?

Yes, two projects.  Last year, we had to learn how to extrude and form ABS, which was a challenge since HDPE is our primary base resin. The other project was the work we are doing on the large CAPEX project installing the new extrusion line at Kruger Family Industries. Currently we have 75 % of the machinery on-sight and are installing the new equipment. Once installation is complete, we move to start, de-bug, and training or our team on daily operations of the new machines.

How do you prioritize sustainability and optimize efficiency in everyday production?

Kruger Family Industries recycles all purchased resin back into our extrusion process. Efficiency is always a focus as we monitor scrap coming back into the process daily.