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Portage manufacturers making thousands of hospital beds to help with nationwide shortage

In anticipation of hospital bed shortages due to COVID-19, Oklahoma-based parent company Kruger Family Industries has announced that its two Portage-based manufacturers are teaming up to make thousands of emergency and disaster relief beds.
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Local companies changing practices to help local hospitals

Another company found a creative way to help. Kruger Family Industries in Portage is pulling their resources together to make emergency and disaster relief beds.
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Low-Cost Emergency Beds

TriEnda and Penda came together to create an emergency bed solution to prepare for shortages related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The low-cost Emergency & Disaster Relief Bed boasts a durable design that can be easily assembled on-site without tools.
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Penda Corporation in Portage recognized for energy efficiency

There’s more to be gained from energy efficiency than money, according to the leaders of Penda Corporation.
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